Selling an e-business

When it comes to selling an e-business, its not as simple as transferring domain rights.
Many people are under the assumption that online businesses are only worth as much as the domain. This is simply not true!

Online businesses generate revenue, have established client bases, and often incredibly low-overheads. Who wouldn’t want to buy into that?

Here are a few guidelines to selling your e-business for maximum results.

Get your facts and figures straight
How much revenue is your e-business generating? What are the running costs? Do the books balance? These figures will be the first things that potential buyers want to know!

Know your market position
If the e-business is a big player in the online market space, there will be a terrific opportunity to adapt and grow the business. You can evaluate the business value over time, and highlight potential for growth to the buyer.

Capitalize on your reputation
A reputation is not something we can easily put a dollar value to, but buying into a business with a solid reputation is always a good selling point.

Do your research
Who are the competitors? What sets your business apart? How many clicks per month is your website getting? The more information that you can provide the buyer the better.

Optimise profits
Before listing your business for sale, review operations and see where you can optimise profits. You may find you need help with this stage which leads me to –

Get help
Unless you are an expert in selling businesses, get in touch with someone to help you. I suggest an accountant, business broker, and even a lawyer.

Hey! That sounds remarkably like a strategy for selling a brick-and-mortar business.

That’s because it is!

And because it is so similar I would sell it in the same way.

Lots of websites and stores are sold through big auction sites such as, but to get the best price and attract the best buyer I would sell an e-business the same way that you would approach selling any other business.

So look into getting an appraisal for your online business – you never know, you may be surprised what you could get for it!