Mary Whittle

Always ready to meet a challenge, Mary brings a wealth of diverse business experience to the Beyond team. Starting her career in marketing and development for a major fashion chain store, Mary soon gained a reputation for her openness, honesty and exceptional work ethic, qualities that quickly saw her promoted to team leader and then regional and state management. Following her time in the retail industry, Mary moved into the financial services sector where she worked in sales and marketing for a well-known financial company.

In addition to her background in sales, marketing and management, Mary also has considerable experience as a business owner. She operated a successful Lotto and sub-newsagency for several years where she gained inside knowledge of franchising, as well as the highs and lows that come with being a business owner/operator. Mary is also the founder and owner of a growing bookkeeping business, which has given her valuable insight into how people successfully, and sometimes unsuccessfully, operate their businesses.

With considerable professional experience as both an employee and business owner, Mary is well placed to meet the needs of all her clients. She understands that finding the right business or the right buyer can sometimes be a difficult and stressful process, and she also understands that with the right business broker, it doesn’t have to be. Mary always takes the time to understand her clients, tailoring her services to meet their needs and expectations. Mary’s work ethic is perhaps best illustrated by her favourite motto: ‘never promise anything you can’t deliver and never deliver anything less than what you promise’. With her refreshing honesty and dedication to her work, Mary is an outstanding addition to the Beyond Business Sales team.

Mary Whittle
Business Broker

M +61 415 546 802