Childcare is arguably the most sought after business sector in the market in recent years and with the projection over the next 5 years of a growing population it  will continue to drive demand in this sector with further growth a near certainty . The number of children using formal day care continues to increase, along with wait lists at many centres, particularly those located in inner urban areas.

When comparing periods 2001-2006 and 2006-2011, the addition of children to the population aged between 0 -14 years was 42,000 and 230,000 respectively – this is a difference of 448%. As at June 2015, this accounts for 18.9% of the Australian population and according to the Department of Training and Education 30.8% use formal government approved childcare services.The growth in children aged 0-14 is also largely underpinning future demand of the sector with another approximately 500,000 children between 0-5 years estimated to be added to the population over the next 15 years.. The ABS and Australian Treasury have projected population growth of children 0-14 years at 5.3 million by 2024-25 representing an annual growth rate of 1.8% from 2014-15, when the population of this age group was 4.5 million.

Source :Colliers : Child Care White Paper


Growth of Victorian Childcare Centres




Long Day Care

1,125 1,249 11.0%


Family Day Care

103 333 223.3%


Occasional Day Care

19 52 173.3%


Outside School Hours Care

1957 2307 17.9%



3204 3941 23%


Source: Department of Education and Training

Therefore it comes as no surprise that when a Childcare business is put to market the inquiry rate is high and ROI for the Vendor strong , with so many centres tightly held by large groups and listed companies and strict legislation surrounding the opening and operation , the barrier to entry is high.

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